May 15, 2017 |

A chat with CKY

A chat with CKY

May 15, 2017 |



I had a chat with CKY before their show in Portsmouth. We chatted about new music, the difference 20 years makes as a band and some early warped tour memories.

All three members are present in this interview: Jess Margera (J) Chad Ginsburg (C) and Matt Deis (M).

You’ve just released your first new music since 2009, you’ve got an album out next month. What was it like getting back in the studio after 8 years?

M: We’re like mad we didn’t do it sooner. We’re just so grateful to be doing it again. The time in between felt so long.

J: But it was kinda cool to take our time as well.

Did that help with the creative process a bit?

C: I have answers but let these guys go (Points to Matt and Jesse as they think about an answer)

J: We were all pretty anxious to start working on stuff and then we started jamming and it all gelled together.

C: Creatively there was a ton of ideas. We were working with a guy named Daniel Davies, who is an awesome dude, who sang for the band for a bit. We did a few festival tours with him, wrote a bunch of tunes with him, that were all really great. About a year and a half ago he decided that he’s gonna go and tour with his step-father John Carpenter, and he wouldn’t be able to play with us anymore. And he said “hey man, hey Chad, do you think you can sing, you wanna do it”. And I said “no I really don’t” (cue laugh from room). Then it took like 20 minutes to reconsider and I was like fuck it I’ll do it. Then it just started from there.

C: I had done a solo record in between. So I had already kinda gotten over the gap. I had a bunch of ideas but we started from scratch either way with CKY. We started from full scratch, wrote a ton of fucking shit. Picked a batch of songs and went into Rancho De La Luna which is a great studio in Joshua Tree California (The Sonic Highways episode on this studio is great if you want more info on this). We just laid those few songs we picked. We have a bunch of stuff but the record has eight songs on it.

J: We focused on those eight.

As you said the album is 8 songs which is relatively short for an album. What was the reasoning behind that?

J: For the ADD generation.

M: Well 35 minutes for a record is pretty fucking great honestly.

C: Doesn’t overstay its welcome.

J: Well even my favourite bands when it’s a twelve song, thirteen song record. I’m like oh god I’ve gotta find time to listen to all this.

M: There’s some lull between tracks 6 and 10 and you like uuggghh.

Brent Hinds featured on the most recent single ‘Days of self-destruction’. What was it like working with him?

(Jesse and Matt point to Chad)

C: I was hanging out at Rancho in the desert, expanding my mind a little bit. It seems that Brent was at the time as well. He just popped up out of the desert and we were friendly with Brent from soundwave, we did a tour with them.

J: In Australia.

C: And we had a lot of fun with Brent. He’s one of the sweetest guys in rock ‘n’ roll. Like one of the greatest out there. I just had the idea, since Brent was in Rancho, why not have Brent play on this and Brent was totally into doing it. So why not you know. So I went down to where Mastodon cut their new record and we got Brent to play a solo on the end of Days of Self Destruction.

Any other guests on the album, or is it just Brent?

C: Just Brent, we had one other guy but he was a little flaky, so he didn’t do it. But Brent’s totally fucking good enough for us.