ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVALS - Slam Dunk 2018 preview; Trash Boat take on our Slam Dunk festival A-Z challenge!

As we gear up for the 2018 festival season, we’ve given our infamous A-Z challenge a bit of a festival themed twist as we team up with some of the super talented artists taking to the stage at our favourite metropolitan festival Slam Dunk! First up are the returning Trash Boat who take on our festival A-Z!

A song that made you want to make music?

Killing In The Name Of by Rage. My brother showed it to be when I was very young and it had hooked ever since.

Best rider you’ve had?

Best riders are in Europe! We had a special thanksgiving feast when in Germany on the Silverstein tour. Delicious

Craziest festival experience?

There’s plenty of stories of me being young, getting wasted and doing stupid shit but honestly the craziest thing ever was playing download the second time. It’s the most people I’ve ever seen watching us.

Dream festival to headline?

Probably Download!

Easiest song you wrote?

You Know, You Know, You Know flowed out the easiest of any song we’ve written so far.

Favourite festival moment?

The Download set would couple as my craziest and favourite moment.

Guest you’d most like to join you on stage during Slam Dunk festival?

Harry Hoskins from Weatherstate

Hardest thing about doing the festival circuit?

Festivals tend to be way easier than tours. I guess sometimes if you have a really early set that can suck as my voice is less warmed up.

Interesting fact about one of your members?

James (bass) and Ryan (guitar) are brothers in law because Ryan’s dad married James’ mum!

Jokes you have in the band?

Our jokes change from tour to tour and seem to be heavily ironic and sarcastic. We’re only really funny to each other. I’m sure most people would find us weird.

Key to surviving a festival?

Stay together. Always have a meeting point if you get separated. Stay hydrated. Party hard.

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a show?

Australia is definitely the furthest we’ve travelled.

Muddiest festival you’ve attended?

God damn Reading festival 2010 I think. I can’t remember exactly which but it was shin deep and I had a pair of Vans old schools.

New band on the Slam Dunk line-up you love?

Can’t Swim. Bangers

One dream act you’d like to see alongside you on the Slam Dunk bill?


Previous festival performance you’d most like to have watched?

I’ve never seen Slipknot play live and have missed the opportunity around 3 times. Need to see them.

Question you most dislike being asked?

“How does it feel to be signed to Hopeless Records”

Reasons why Slam Dunk is so great?

It’s the best festival in the U.K. for our esoteric style of music and it manages to bring together so many great bands. The only issue always seems to be who will clash with whom.

Secret set at a festival you were most surprised by?

The Gallows once played Reading disguised as The Rats before Trash Talk played. It kicked off.

The festival scene has evolved over the years, what’s the best thing you find about festivals?

Festivals for me, especially ones we play, have become mates fests. You can’t seem to go anywhere without running into people you know on the way to watch some cool music. I’ve met so many awesome people and know I’m going to meet loads more. Festivals are places we all congregate.

Uncomfiest camping experience?

Sleeping in a one man pop up tent at my first Reading which was too short so my feet stuck out of the end while it was raining.

Variations of festival lineups you think should be included? (i.e. comedy tents, films etc)

Discussion seminars are good. I was at a festival in Portugal for a week that had discussion panels and lectures on various interesting topics and found myself listening there more than the music most days.

Worst/weirdest festival experience?

Getting lost at download and separated from everyone all day. I wandered in the rain and watched Black Sabbath for 2 hours wearing a t shirt and a tracksuit. I was freezing and pissed off but at least Sabbath were sick.

X marks the spot – where would be your perfect location for a festival?


Year you most wished to have been on the bill at Slam Dunk?

This year is one of the best lineups I’ve seen in a while so I’m happy to be on it this year.

Z- zombies – who is the most drained after a festival?

It depends who gets the most fucked up. Haha

Slam Dunk 2018 preview; Trash Boat take on our Slam Dunk festival A-Z challenge! - LATEST ARTICLES

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