ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVALS - Slam Dunk 2018 preview: The Faim take on the festival A-Z challenge

We continue our Slam Dunk 2018 preview with The Faim who will be making their UK festival debut at the three day event! Bassist/keyboardist Stephen Beerkens takes on our new festival A-Z challenge!

A song that made you want to make music

Where the Streets Have No NameU2

Best rider you’ve had?

Free drinks and accomodation in the hotel above the venue

Craziest festival experience?

When the vocalist of a band who was wearing nothing but rainbow streamers and pink underwear jumped off stage and danced with me in the crowd.

Dream festival to headline?

Reading and Leeds Festival

Easiest song you wrote?

Our unreleased song that we wrote with Ashton Irwin, it was one of the most natural writing experiences we’ve had.

Favourite festival moment?

Having members of our favourite bands watch our set

Guest you’d most like to join you on stage during Slam Dunk festival?

John Feldmann!

Hardest thing about doing the festival circuit?

Trying to get enough sleep between shows

Interesting fact about one of your members?

Michael has played soccer with himself whilst sleepwalking

 Jokes you have in the band?

This isn’t where I parked my car!

Key to surviving a festival?

Stay hydrated

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a show?

Soon to be the other side of the world!

Muddiest festival you’ve attended?

We’ve never been to a muddy festival, as here in Australia, we can barely remember what rain feels like

New band on the Slam Dunk line-up you love?

Stand Atlantic

One dream act you’d like to see alongside you on the Slam Dunk bill?


Previous festival performance you’d most like to have watched?

30 Seconds To Mars– Reading Festival 2011

Question you most dislike being asked?

Nothing, we’re an open book!

Reasons why Slam Dunk is so great?

Slam Dunk gives up and coming artists the opportunity to share their music to many new people at the festival, which is a huge deal for bands that are in the process of establishing themselves.

Secret set at a festival you were most surprised by?

Northlane playing at a local festival

The festival scene has evolved over the years, what’s the best thing you find about festivals?

The atmosphere of a festival is definitely one of the best things about it

Uncomfiest camping experience?

Sleeping on a rock with nothing but a sleeping bag

Worst/weirdest festival experience?

Stephen had to learn a newly written song backstage before playing it for the first time ever on stage half an hour later

X marks the spot – where would be your perfect location for a festival?

On the beaches of Hawaii

Year you most wished to have been on the bill at Slam Dunk?

2014! That lineup was insane!

Z- zombies – who is the most drained after a festival?

That would be our drummer Sean, as he’ll be head-banging non stop through the entire set!

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