ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVALS - Slam Dunk 2018 preview; Milestones take on the festival A-Z challenge

We’re just over a month away from Slam Dunk 2018 and are super excited! In this week’s preview, we set Milestones’ bassist Mark Threlfall the task of taking on our festival A-Z challenge!

A song that made you want to make music?

Earliest memory would definitely be Jersey by Mayday Parade. Recently every time I listen to Death Of A Batchelor by Panic! At The Disco it makes me wanna write.

Best rider you’ve had?

Tough one cause we always get looked after really well. We got deep fried tofu in Eindhoven once and it was INCREDIBLE.

Craziest festival experience?

We haven’t played that many festivals as a band so this one is really tough to answer!

Dream festival to headline?

Reading + Leeds hands down. To be in that position would be wild.

Easiest song you wrote?

No song is easy to write when you overthink every single detail of it haha. We were really feeling Against The World when the writing begun on that though so it was a very enjoyable experience.

Favourite festival moment?

Playing 2000 Trees right after we had done the Mayday Parade tour and seeing so many people there and still caring about this band in the UK, was a great feeling!

Guest you’d most like to join you on stage during Slam Dunk festival?

Brendan Murphy from Counterparts.

Hardest thing about doing the festival circuit?

Being organised is definitely the hardest thing, there’s so much going on that its hard to get carried away and let time get away with you!

Interesting fact about one of your members?

Eden is vegan. Matt loves Ketchup. Drew loves sweets more than anything. I don’t think they’re interesting but that’s each member summed up!

Jokes you have in the band?

Too many dumb ones to even begin explaining honestly, we’re all dumb asses haha.

Key to surviving a festival?

Drink water. Eat regularly. Don’t go overboard. Just be safe really!

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a show?

We did the US last year so I guess that’s the longest distance we’ve travelled. We also drove to Budapest from Liverpool once, that was one hell of a drive!

Muddiest festival you’ve attended?

Reading + Leeds 2013. Was near enough up to my knees, I know I’m short but it was still ridiculous.

New band on the Slam Dunk line-up you love?

Holding Absence without doubt, they’re incredible. Also Loathe, Woes, Stand Atlantic & Sleep On It. All great bands!

One dream act you’d like to see alongside you on the Slam Dunk bill?

If Slam Dunk could make Drake happen that’d be just fine by me.

Previous festival performance you’d most like to have watched?

I’ve seen a lot of great festival performances tbh, I’ve definitely completed the bucket list of bands if you will!

Question you most dislike being asked?

I actually don’t mind any questions for interviews tbh! I definitely prefer phone/face to face interviews cause I overthink my answers but all the same I’m pretty easy!

Reasons why Slam Dunk is so great?

Just how different the line up is makes it so great for me. You can go from watching pop punk to ska to metalcore within minutes and I love that about the festival!

Secret set at a festival you were most surprised by?

I remember You Me At Six doing a surprise set at Reading + Leeds once, that was pretty cool.

The festival scene has evolved over the years, what’s the best thing you find about festivals?

I think the whole feel about being at a festival is my favourite thing, nobody judges, they’re just there for a good time!

Uncomfiest camping experience?

All of my camping experiences have been uncomfy! My tent leaked and I woke up soaking.

Worst/weirdest festival experience?

I woke up half in/out of my tent one time, like my top half was in but I clearly hadn’t gotten round to actually getting comfy I just fell asleep.

X marks the spot – where would be your perfect location for a festival?

Anywhere hot/sunny would be absolutely okay with me!

Year you most wished to have been on the bill at Slam Dunk?

Honestly this year is absolutely killer for me, I think I’ve enjoyed pretty much every year of SD though!

Z- zombies – who is the most drained after a festival?

Either Eden or I for sure, because we overestimate how much we can drink and end up being completely written off from existence, for a good day or two after.
Catch Milestones live at Slam Dunk;
May 26 – Leeds City Centre
May 27 – Hatfield
May 28 – Birmingham NEC

Slam Dunk 2018 preview; Milestones take on the festival A-Z challenge - LATEST ARTICLES

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