ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVALS - All Points East Presents Catfish And Bottlemen preview

It’s less than a month until All Point East presents Catfish And The Bottlemen with some very special guests! This is who you should be seeing and what you should be listening to in the run-up to the epic day.

Catfish And The Bottlemen –

British indie rock band Catfish And The Bottlemen are going to be playing All Points East at Victoria Park on June 1st 2018. Their set is undoubtedly going to be legendary.

Check out these awesome songs;

Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes –

Punk band Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes are going to be creating mayhem like at all their live performances.

Here are some songs to get you in the mood for moshing!

[Youtube v=sULFSTznJKM]

The Hunna –

In the run up to their latest release Dare, The Hunna are going to be playing All Points East presents. This may be one of the last times to hear some of their older work before the new album takes over so don’t miss them! Here are some old and new tracks to check out before the festival!


Blossoms –

Blossoms have just released a brilliant new album called Cool Like You, released 27th April 2018 so they have plenty of fresh new music to show off! Check out some of their songs here.

The Neighbourhood – 

American indie rockers The Neighbourhood released an awesome self-titled new album back in March and we can’t wait to hear it live along with these tracks too!

The Amazons 

If you’re a fan of indie music you’re going to have to check out The Amazons! Just listen to these tracks and I’m sure you will agree!

All Points East Presents Catfish And Bottlemen preview - LATEST ARTICLES

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