ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVALS - 2000 Trees 2017 – Thursday Review

2000 Trees offers the best in new and upcoming bands as well as showcasing some brilliant new established acts higher up the bill. Below is the review of the Thursday at 2000 trees where only half of the four stages are open, but that definitely doesn’t mean half the show.

Grumble Bee

The first band of the weekend and opening The Cave Stage were Grumble Bee. A solo project performed as a full band, Grumble Bee brought a brilliant singer-songwriter punk start to the festival. While the crowd was sparse at the start of the set it slowly got bigger and this was only testament to how good of a festival opener Grumble Bee was.

Bellevue Days

Next up, and opening The Axiom were Bellevue Days. Bringing anthemic singalong rock music to an ever growing crowd. Taking songs from their most recent EP Rosehill as well as a selection of older songs the bands flow between some heavier and more lighter songs translated well to the audience, with closing song Ripped Jeans being a particular highlight.


Staying at The Axiom, for one of the best new bands in the UK Puppy. Bringing their unique mix of 90s power pop and stoner rock riffs, Puppy drew a very large crowd considering the time they were on, even having the first mosh pit of the festival. Songs such as Entombed and The Great Beyond being particular crowd favourites. This was a brilliant set from Puppy who started a run of bands on The Axiom stage, which highlights some of the best stoner/alt rock bands in the UK.


Continuing the stoner/alt rock trend of the bands on The Axiom stage, Tigercub seemed right at home. While the crowd took slightly longer to get going than during Puppy’s set, the loud psychedelic tones of Tigercub soon drew the crowds attention. The imposing figure of frontman Jamie hall added to the stage presence this trio had, as they continued to showcase the best of British stoner/alt rock.


Being the only pop punk band of the day (and one of only a few at the festival), it would have made sense to consider ROAM one of the outsiders of Thursdays bands. While not a huge fan of them myself, they brought spades of energy to their early evening set. With the crowd eating out of their hand, they managed to get people on shoulders singing along and a circle pit around one of the tent poles. Continuing to add to the party atmosphere they created a rendition of Wonderwall which went over brilliantly with the crowd. This was a set which kicked off the party atmosphere for the rest of the evening.

Black Foxxes

Heading back to The Axiom for some more stoner/alt rock vibes, with Black Foxxes. Opening with a half cover of Neil Young’s Rocking in the Free World, they instantly grabbed the crowds attention. Rattling through songs from their highly acclaimed 2016 debut I’m Not Well. The songs from the album sounding much heavier live with title track of the album being a highlight, as well as the live vocals of frontman Mark Holley. Once again The Axiom was graced with another of the UKs best up and coming stoner/alt rock bands.

Dinosaur Pile-Up

Following Black Foxxes on The Axiom were Dinosaur Pile-Up. Attracting the second biggest crowd of the day (number one being headliners Mallory Knox), it seemed impossible for this set to be anything but brilliant. From the first song to the last the crowd were dancing, singing and moshing. With inflatable dinosaurs being thrown around the crowd as the band rattled through a hit laden set list. Closing song 11:11 being the obvious highlight as Dinosaur Pile-Up claimed the title of band of the day for Thursday.

Pulled Apart By Horses

Closing The Axiom on Thursday were Leeds alt rockers Pulled Apart By Horses. With songs that aren’t as instantly grabbing as other bands on the bill. This set was more directed to true fans of the band particularly with the set list consisting of songs from the bands earlier work (High Five, Nose Dive, Swan Dive and I punched a Lion in the Throat) as well as songs off of their 2017 release The Haze. Amongst this a cover of The BeatlesHelter Skelter, a nice addition to the set list. This was a good set from Pulled Apart By Horses however they were unfortunately overshadowed by how good Dinosaur Pile-Up were.

Tigercub – Forest Session

The only Forest Session I caught today was Tigercub‘s. A band known for their loud fuzzy riffs, it was interesting to see how they would approach an acoustic set. The use of a drum machine ensured they didn’t lose all of the psychedelic elements to their sound. The songs played were mesmerising and translated brilliantly across. It was clear that the band had spent as much (if not more) time planning this acoustic set as they did their full band set earlier on in the day.

Mallory Knox

Headlining the festival on Thursday were Mallory Knox. As soon as the band took to the stage and greeted the packed tent, it was clear this was going to be a brilliant headline performance. From opening song Wired it was clear that the band had the crowd in the palm of their hand. As they continued to play songs off of their new album Wired as well as the older hits, the crowd lapped it up. From encouraging crowd surfing to a “jump da fuck up”, this set proved Mallory Knox to be more than capable headliners.

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