ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FESTIVALS - 2000 Trees 2017 – Saturday Review

As the final day of 2000 Trees 2017 began people trundled, hungover from their tents to enjoy the last of the great bands on offer.

The Winter Passing

It’s always hard opening the last day of a festival. As people relaxed and recovered from their hangovers in the Axiom tent. The Winter Passing did a great job of waking them up. It only took a few songs for people to stand up and take notice as The Winter Passing played their unique version of punk/grunge. This was a case of sheer energy winning over and waking up the crowd, a brilliant start to the day.

Bad Sign

Playing The Cave a week before the release of their debut album Live & Learn, Bad Sign proved what all the hype was about. The massive riffs and hook laden vocals sounded immense in the small tent. The new songs from the album really shone through during this set with Intermission being a highlight. This was a memorable set from a band destined for bigger things particularly with the quality of their debut album.

Milk Teeth

Next up was Milk Teeth on the mainstage. With this set Milk Teeth proved why they have recently signed to Roadrunner. They took to the main stage as if they had been a band for a decade with songs from 2016 debut Vile Child holding their own on a bigger stage. New single Owning Your Okayness slotted perfectly into the set list. Like many bands this weekend Milk Teeth more than lived up to the hype, and proved that British rock music is in the best place it has been in years.

Apologies I Have None

Bringing their indie punk to The Axiom, Apologies I Have None put on a decent performance to a half full tent. This was by no means a bad performance, however, when you are sandwiched between two of the best punk bands it can be easy to be forgotten. The set was energetic and again underlined why many people suggest keeping an eye on them, and based on this set they did themselves no injustices.


The British skate punkers stole the show on the mainstage on Saturday. With a selection of songs from their new album Outsiders as well as selection of songs from their debut and other EPs. Strait Jacket from new album Outsiders was one of the standout songs of the set. Coupling this with the brilliant back to back of Smoking Kills and Bottle to Bottle, Gnarwolves proved themselves to be the best current skate punk band in the world.

The Menzingers – Forest Sessions

Playing to a reasonably full Forest, The Menzingers stripped down their singalong punk rock, to a singalong acoustic session. Playing some of their biggest songs such as Midwestern States and Casey the crowd were singing along. The feel good atmosphere of this set was underlined by when frontman Greg Barnett asked an audience member for a warm Fosters which went down brilliantly with the crowd.

Palm Reader (replacing Slotface)

Originally I was going to go and see all of The Front Bottoms set but with Palm Reader replacing Slotface I decided to check out the first half of Palm Reader and the second half of The Front Bottoms.

As Palm Reader took to The Axiom stage they rawed into their style of hardcore. As people who had turned up to see Slotface walked away a bit taken aback by the intensity and heaviness of Palm Reader, the remaining crowd remained engrossed in the heaviness of the band. Jokingly saying that they just turned up and asked to play, Palm Reader took to the stage like they had planned the set for weeks, further emphasising the claim that they are one of the best hardcore bands from the UK.

The Front Bottoms

The second half of the set from singer songwriter punks The Front Bottoms, proved why they were one of the highest billed foreign bands at this years 2000 Trees. With a relatively elaborate stage set up that included the a sofa for family and friends to enjoy the show from a unique vantage point. Still riding high off the back of 2015’s Talon of The Hawk it was no surprise to see a lot of songs taken from that album. The obvious highlight was with closing song Twin Size Mattress, the bands most recognisable song, had the crowd singing along as if they were headliners. From what I saw this was a brilliant set from a band who could easily headline this festival and festivals alike in years to come.

Lower Than Atlantis

Co-headlining the Saturday with Slaves were Lower Than Atlantis, one of the more accomplished acts on this year’s line-up, they proved themselves to be potential standalone headliners. Bringing the party atmosphere, the crowd were dancing and singing for the entirety of the set, particularly to the bigger singles such as Here We Go and Get Over It. This was more than proven as frontman Mike Duce took and drank out of a bag of wine from a crowd surfer. This felt like a headline set from a band that will no doubt headline festivals of this size in the future.

The Menzingers

The Philly punks bought the singalong atmosphere to The Cave tent on Saturday night. With the crowd doing their own renditions of The Menzingers hits before the band even came on it was clear this was going to be one hell of a show. Opening of what many consider their best song Your Wild Years and into (my favourite song of theirs) Tellin’ Lies the crowd sang every word back like their life depended on it. It’s hard to pin point a particular highlight to this set as it was that good, whether it be the band letting the crowd sing the entire second verse to Gates or the sheer pandemonium to I Don’t Wanna Be An Arsehole Anymore. The only way is up for The Menzingers at the moment as they continue to thrive off the back of the masterpiece that is After The Party.


Closing 2000 Trees for myself were Oathbreaker. Their unique style of black metal and post hardcore, were mind blowing in the live environment. With most of the set made up of songs from the outstanding Rheia, Oathbreaker put on a masterclass of a show. The transition from mesmeric singing to eye popping heaviness was magnificent. While most people were watching Slaves at the mainstage they missed one of heavy music’s standout bands blow everyone in The Axiom tent away.

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