The Person & The People

January 20, 2015

For The Person & The People, everything traces back to the high school years. A group of old friends from multiple bands in the area finally teamed up and joined together to make music. The result of that is a power-pop flavored rock and roll band that truly stands out from the rest. That youthful energy can certainly still be felt with this band. In just the past 10 months, they released their debut full-length titled Big Whoop, which immediately gained praise. The single “I Was Wrong” was the song of the day for 89.3 The Current twice, and that was just the beginning. Youa Vang of City Pages called it “a collection of the smartest and catchiest songs brash enough to snag your attention.” and KT Lindemann said “The Person and the People are in top form on Big Whoop, and its clear that these former teen punks have grown swimmingly into their sound together.” Instead of riding the wave of success on their debut release, they decided to make another album as soon as possible.

The result of that decision is What A Drag, a collection of pop powerhouses, and tons of “firsts” for the band. It’s their first release on local record label Land Ski Records, their first record with a producer (Local recording genius, Knol Tate), and the first time guitarists Nick Costa and Sam Sanford split up songwriting duties. This makes for a truly unique and different record than the previous Big Whoop, but it’s every bit as catchy. Frontman Nick Costa has been seen playing in a slew of local groups in the past few years such as Taj Raj, Dan Mariska & The Boys Choir, Ryan Traster, and countless others. After hearing this band, you’ll know why he directed his focus to The Person & The People.

Band Members

Adam Mallory


Andy Sanford

Bass, Vocals

Sam Sanford

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Nick Costa

Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals