The Garage Flowers

June 18, 2015

Fully formed in Bristol, England in 2015 by songwriter Joe Capaldi and guitarist Jonny Webber, The Garage Flowers play a distinct brand of pop music, fusing 60’s melodies with 70’s punk energy.

The band’s beginnings can be traced back to 2012, when Capaldi and Webber met in a sleepy local pub. They began paying music together on park benches, the back of Peugeots and other strange locations. They bided their time sleeping on sofas and floors whilst sifting through a number of drummers and bassists, however after an unsuccessful period Webber joined another band and Capaldi moved to Devon.

It took a random meeting at a Babyshambles gig in 2014 to re-acquaint the pair, where it was decided that they would push ahead with The Garage Flowers dream. They struggled to find a competent drummer until they stumbled upon a man busking on the streets with a makeshift drum kit consisting of pots, pans and egg cartons. The young man’s name was Brighton’s own Andy Johnson, who was quickly taken on board.

The band persevered in searching Bristol’s pubs, clubs and backstreets on a nightly basis whilst playing as a 3-piece to whoever would listen in car parks, at bus stops and at open mic nights. The final piece of the puzzle was found in the shape of a discarded advertisement for a bassist by the name of “Fat Tone.E”, or Jake Fielding to the law.

After 12 weeks of blood, sweat, tears, counterfeit pot noodle and Marlboro Reds, the band embarked on their first UK tour and are now a firm fixture of Bristol’s vibrant circuit.

Band Members

Jake “Fat Tone.E” Fielding


Andy “AJ” Johnson


Jonny “Webbdogg” Webber


Joe Capaldi

Guitar, Vocals


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