Our Time Is Now

December 15, 2014

Our Time is Now falls somewhere in between the uplifting melodies of Blink-182 and All Time Low, with the edge of bands such as A Day To Remember and Chunk! No Captain Chunk. The band’s sound is as direct and immediate as the statement that is their moniker: old school pop-punk hooks and harmonies blend in seamlessly with post-hardcore breakdowns and grit, creating a unique and dynamic sound.

The Norwich four piece have just released their debut album “Freakshow”, which is available through all major digital stores (including iTunes, where the release is now up for sale!) The band have played shows in all these major cities including Ipswich, Norwich, Essex, London and Sheffield and Leeds. The band have supported bands such as Reachback and My Favourite Runner Up and have supported Chunk! No Captain Chunk! and The Last Carnival in recent months.

They are now looking to make the step up to play festivals and get on tours all around the UK. Some of the bands biggest influences and reason they write music are Falloutboy, Blink-182, A Day To Remember, All Time Low, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, Pierce The Veil and Young Guns.

Band Members

Sam Wilson


Ryan Atkin


Conor Wade


Stu Pearce

Guitar, Lead Vocals


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