May 19, 2016 |

Get Your Festival Essentials From Kathmandu!

Get Your Festival Essentials From Kathmandu!

May 19, 2016 |

As Festival season beckons, the time for dancing till your feet are sore, getting drunk with your friends and watching your favourite bands is near!

Whilst Festivals are always guaranteed to be fun, one thing you cannot guarantee is the weather! Lucky for you, AltCorner has got your back as we have picked 5 Essential items from the awesome Kathmandu that you need to own to ensure you are ready for everything festival season has in store for you!


Coats have a misconception of not being cool but luckily these coats will keep you dry...AND you'll still look cool! Why? because we've picked two smart Jackets for both him and her!


Andulo Men's 2 Layer Waterproof Jacket


Pocket-it Women's Rain Jacket v3

Mens Jacket
Womens Jacket

2) You Have Got To Sleep In Comfort!

One thing that is rubbish about festivals is the fact that you are away from your own bed! But, this Odyssey Mummy will be as comfy if not comfier after you retire to your tent following a day of dancing!

Get one here:

Odyssey Mummy Insulated Sleeping Bag





Whether you are a 10% clothes and 90% alcohol kind of person or a "bringing my entire wardrobe is a great idea" bag packer, we've selected a few that we think are brilliant!

Nowaki 32L Backpack v3 - Black

Vardo gridTECH 75L Backpack v2

Shuttle 40L Convertible Backpack Cargo v4

Nowak Bag
Shuttle Bag
Vardo 75L Bag

4) A Lightweight Home For The Festival!

Carrying baggage can be a pain and the last thing you want is a tent that has been in your mum's attic for the last 20 us, they are HEAVY! So, why not check out this lovely 3 man tent made by Boreas?! It weighs just 3.98kg so won't slow you down on your adventure!

Boreas 3 Man Tent v2

Boreas Tent


Who doesn't love accessories?! Whether it's for practical reasons or you just want to look the part in your camping adventure you have to get these products!

Vacuum Insulated Bullet Flask - 500ML - Azure

Tri Folding Wallet v3 - Dark Moss

TSA Key Lock 2 Pack

Soft EVA Cooler 21L

Soft EVA Cooler 21L

Azure Flask
Soft Cooler Bag